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Welcome to edIFY!

We are a team of experienced  ex-MOE Science and Math teachers offering premium tuition services.

We are committed to make learning fun and enjoyable for our students.



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I had been in the teaching service from 2006 to 2022. I specialize in teaching middle and upper primary math and science. I have a strong interest in the education of science and sustainability, and was the ex Level Head for Science department in my previous school. 

I have a firm belief in student engagement, as I believe students learn best when they are meaningfully engaged and motivated to learn.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Mr. Xiao Jianfu

Tr Ko

Bachelor in Business Administration, NUS
PGDE (Primary)


Mr Ko has taught in MOE schools for more than 10 years specialising in Math and Science. He has rich PSLE marking experience during his years of teaching experience.

Mr Ko has helped hundreds of students excel in their PSLE with his strong teaching padagogy. Mr Ko’s students enjoy his fun and engaging lessons.

Mr Ko is always ready and well involved in helping his students achieve to their fullest potential. Many parents are extremely grateful for his patience and dedicated guidance towards their children.


Tr John (Primary)


Teacher John has more than 20 years of teaching experience in MOE schools and specializes in Math and Science.  Teacher John is a passionate teacher who adopts creative strategies to help students learn better. His extensive teaching experience covers both primary and secondary schools. 

Tr Audrey (Primary)


Teacher Audrey has extensive experience and is highly qualified, having taught in MOE schools for more than two decades. As such, she is familiar with the syllabus and has been training and guiding students in the areas of English Language and Science. Her passion and forte in these subjects have helped her craft her lessons to suit the learning needs of her students. 

She believes that students learn best when they are able to find meaning to what they are learning. She would seek out the best strategies to engage the students and help them achieve their potential.

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Tr Tanny (Secondary)

PGDE (Secondary)

Tanny is a highly experienced ex-MOE Secondary school teacher. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience in MOE Secondary Schools. Tanny specialises in Secondary Level Math and Lower Secondary Science. Tanny is a very patient teacher who is skilled in a wide array of teaching strategies for teenagers. She is also very current and updated in the latest changes in secondary schools. Throughout her rich teaching career, Tanny has helped hundreds of students excel in their academic journey in secondary school.


Tr Wong (Secondary)

PGDE (Secondary)

Teacher Wong is an ex-MOE secondary teacher who held the post of Subject Head for Mathematics. He has more than a decade of teaching experience and has taught several batches of graduating students. He is currently teaching Additional Mathematics to our graduating class of Secondary Four students.


Tr Jasmine (Primary)


​Teacher Jasmine is a highly experienced ex-MOE teacher. She specializes in Primary Math. She has a rich experience in Math PSLE marking and setting of examination papers. Throughout her 12 years of teaching career, Jasmine has helped countless students excel in the subject.


Tr James (Secondary)

​Teacher James is an experienced educator with a keen interest in Mathematics. He specializes in Lower Secondary Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics for Upper Secondary.

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